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Special Review

A Review By The Special Education Resources Team Has This Month Been Published on Their Site and on Twitter

A Must Read for Parents and Teachers Alike – The Link to the Review is on the Reviews Page  https://hattieandfriends.com/reviews/

Ofsted Inspectors ask all EYFS & KS1 Settings

How Inclusive is Your Bookshelf? Do Your Resources Reflect Diversity? Are you Promoting a Positive Image of Disability? If you can’t answer these questions you need ‘Hattie and friends’ to help!

We all have a responsibility to ensure young children see positive images of disability to increase their awareness and understanding.
Children will easily accept differences when they are presented in a sensitive way.
‘Hattie and friends’ stories feature disabled characters but the disability is NOT mentioned in the text. This is important because it doesn’t highlight or explain the disability but makes it perfectly acceptable and ‘normal’.


  • 4 inclusive stories featuring Hattie with her friends and family.
  •  Familiar theme of family outings which all children can relate to.
  • Appealing, friendly, cute characters.
  • Perfect length for story time for young children.
  • Educational content including: shapes, colour, weather, sounds, texture, transport, animals.
  • Bright and colourful illustrations and clear text.
  • Affordable price.


Benefits to YOU

  • ‘Hattie and friends’ promotes a positive image of disability in your setting.
  •  Using ‘Hattie and friends’ books shows parents, visitors, Ofsted inspectors etc that you recognise and value the need to provide an inclusive environment.
  • ‘Hattie and friends’ stories provide the opportunity to discuss issues around disability.
  • A series of charming stories for all children to enjoy time and time again.
  • The theme and content relate to your EYFS curriculum planning.

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